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What’s up everybody. Yesterday marked the start of season 5 in Destiny 2. If you didn’t Claim your free game from Blizzcon2018; there is still time to pick the game up super cheap. Right now you also get a character booster with a light score high enough to get started! The GLHF-Gaming network Clan as always is taking all applicants, whether you are out to avenge fallen comrades or saving the travelers light we have a place for you! Don’t forget you can email the clan admin team or join the discord for information on joining.


In other GLHF News, Our ARK server is finally down. It was a fun 6-month run but people have moved on. Anyone who wants the files to restart our play in a private game is free to message our admin team and they will give you a dropbox link to download them. Galactic Evolved server is still up with 8 active members for those interested. We also have two R6S teams getting ready to form for the new competitive season! So don’t miss out!


I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and remember everyone. Good Luck, Have Fun, Don’t Die

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